Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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Product Samples

1. Hardware Store or can be any Store

Dragon Star Application for Testing:    "this Sample is Online, it can be set to Local only"

    Windows Desktop Application
  • Target Sql Database - Online Data @Cloud Server
  • Requirements:
    - any Windows PC, Installer will install the necessary files.
    - PC needs an Internet to connect the database.
    - Click this Link to Setup Installer

2. Chart or Graph Presentation Sample

A sample Chart Presentation for a fictitious Sales Amount for the CY 2017 & 2018.

3. Office Word App Sample

A simple Office Word, it has Text formatting, Printing Preview/ Print, commands like [Copy Paste Cut "Page Break" "Insert Picture" "Save to Disk File" "Open File from Disk" etc]. It is very unique; this Office Word can save document to a SQL Database Online or Local.  Hence looking for a particular record is easy using Search Window.

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